Budget Roll Pallets

When it comes to storage solutions, many businesses generally accept that “low cost” and “high quality” don’t belong in the same sentence. But that’s not always the case. As the UK’s largest manufacturer and stockist of handling products, we’ve used all our experience to engineer a range of budget roll pallets that are built to the highest standards.

We manufacture budget roll pallets in several configurations. For instance, our full security roll pallet features a 50 x 50mm infill structure comprising three sides, plus an opening hinged gate and lid.


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An extensive range of affordable roll pallets in stock

Our full security roll pallet features a 50 x 50mm infill structure comprising three sides, plus an opening hinged gate and lid. These are commonly used in the healthcare and electronic retail markets for distributing high-value items. Best of all, it’s the lowest priced full security roll pallet on the UK market!

All our affordable roll pallets have a 600kg load capacity and feature that bright zinc plate finish we mentioned earlier. As standard, the full security and four-sided roll pallets come with a fixed hinged shelf, but we also offer loose shelves that drop onto the mesh. The latter is ideal for customers wanting to store and move smaller products.

But what about if you want to customise your roll pallet for a particular environment? Well, we do that too!

Styles of budget roll pallet:

  • Budget full security roll pallet (Base size: 735 x 850)

  • Budget four-sided roll pallet (Base size: 735 x 850)

  • Budget three-sided roll pallet (Base size: 735 x 850)

Customise your budget roll pallet

Our hard-wearing nylon castors are fitted as standard, but you could also choose a rubber (noise reducing) or sandwich (a combination of our hardest wearing and noise reducing castors) variety — all of which reduce noise and are ideal for warehouse use.

You may wish to change our standard metal base to a brightly coloured plastic infill, allowing for easier cleaning or even differentiation when storing products. There’s even the option to add a document holder to help for order picking or identifying boxed product within the roll pallets.

Here you can change several aspects of the product to your liking, including the following:

  • Different castor options

  • Name plates

  • Plastic or metal rod bases

  • Fixed or drop-in shelves

  • Document holders

Why choose Palletower to purchase budget roll pallets?

Sold on the idea of buying a roll pallet that’s both built to a high standard and doesn’t drain large sums of capital? Let’s tell you a bit about Palletower. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of roll pallets, and stock thousands of storage solutions spanning jumbo hypacages through to heavy-duty stillages. Because our stock levels are replenished regularly, we can always meet your needs and have products ready for immediate despatch.

Our Budget model roll pallets are built with high quality steel and are finished with a bright zinc plate to protect the cage and prevent rusting. At the base, our hard-wearing nylon castors reduce noise and offer easier manoeuvrability.

In addition, our highly experienced design team are on-hand to solve any of your complex stock movement requirements, so get in touch today if you’re unsure which budget roll pallet is the best fit for your business, or call us on 0161 905 2233


There are three products in our range budget model range, suited to different environments and demands, including full security, four-sided, and three-sided roll pallets.

If you work in warehousing, retail, logistics, shipping or any other trade that requires safe stock distribution, browse our affordable roll pallets today.