Heavy Duty Hypacages for sale

Are you searching for a solid and durable storage solution for your stockroom, warehouse, or distribution centre? Choose our heavy-duty hypacages. Their robust wireframe construction and 1,200kg load capacity make stowing away your heaviest items a breeze. With a half gate on one long dimension, you can take peace of mind that all stock is easily accessible as well as safely stored.

You can find heavy-duty hypacages available in a selection of sizes and specifications. Browse the Palletower range today or speak to our team on 0161 905 2233 if you have any questions.


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Our Heavy-duty Hypacages

Heavy-duty hypacages are ideal for organising and storing loose or awkwardly shaped products without the need for conventional pallets. Yes, that’s right, no more wraps, ties, or other packaging materials are needed. This both is cost efficient and reduces the impact on the environment through once use strapping and plastics.

Instead, you access the stock through half drop side gates that stack up to four high without any extra racking needed, including in transit. The clever design gives you additional storage space and makes it even easier to shift around cargo. If you’re not using them, the hypacages fold away flat in a matter of seconds. That makes them even more space efficiency when been stored.

Heavy-duty Hypacage suppliers in the UK

As the UK’s leading supplier of heavy-duty hypacages, we’ve thousands of products in stock at any one time. Given our unrivalled capacity to manufacture and experienced design team on hand, we can meet the demands of every business. Of course, that includes more complex and bespoke requests — so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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