Stock Trolleys

There are three different types of stock trolley in the Palletower range, folding shelf, folding basket, and fixed basket.

Each type features a sturdy wire mesh main platform that is perfect for transporting heavy and bulky items safely, plus one of three types of basket or shelf, ideal for keeping paperwork, stock control equipment or smaller stock items separate and easy to access.

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Manoeuvrable, quiet and easy on floors

Palletower stock trolleys are fitted with four non-marking swivel castors, making them easy to manoeuvre, minimising noise and reducing wear and tear on floor finishes or coverings.

Rugged, low maintenance and attractive

All stock trolleys have a smart bright zinc plate finish, making them corrosion resistant and tough enough to stand up to the many bumps and bangs that are all part of everyday use.

Space efficient

Nestability is a key feature of the entire range of cash and carry trolleys, stock trolleys and supermarket trolleys available from Palletower. They are designed to fit neatly together and take up as little space as possible when not in use.